Sunday, April 4, 2010

Batman and Air Wave

Welcome to the Blog!

My favorite comic book series of all time was "The Brave and the Bold", which featured Batman teaming up with a different guest star each month and was illustrated by the great Jim Aparo.

I was disappointed with its cancellation at issue #200 because there were still so many team ups that I wanted to see. Bored one day, I decided to create covers of issues that I wished would have happened but never did.

I began with team ups from the DC Universe that the company never got to and posted them in a forum that I frequent. They were well received so I began to do some more and even take requests. Pretty soon I was branching out to more obscure DC characters, Marvel characters and beyond. At this point I have made well over 100 covers and a friend suggested that I begin this blog and feature a cover a day.

OK, that sounds like a good Idea, so here I go. I will post the covers alphabetically at first and then any new ones that have been created in the interim. Enjoy!

A few notes:

- Each cover was created by manipulating existing artwork using Microsoft Paint.

- My goal was to only include characters that never actually appeared in The Brave and the Bold and use artwork by Jim Aparo whenever possible.

And here we go!

First up is Air Wave:

This one was tough because I had a lot of complicated background to create after eliminating Dr. Phosphorous from the original cover. The Air Wave Image I got from an issue of DC Comics Presents. I always had a soft spot for the character but he hasn't seen much action in the past 2 1/2 decades. Yeah, he was just featured as a zombie in Blackest Night, but who wasn't?


BLESSD1 said...

Airwave was a character that I loved as a kid b/c of the design of his costume, so I was just plain excited to see him again, even if it was only as a Blackest Night zombie. Thanks for posting this cover.

LEEE777 said...

First one...

Awesome! =P

Have no idea who Airwave is or was, heard of him and the chewing gum lol.

Very cool cover.

LEEE777 said...

Btw my favorite monthly team up book was Marvel Team-Up, think that only lasted to issue 150 plus?

Cool tho, DC Comics Presents was a close second, saying that I came very late on both series, but I bought a lot of back issues. Of course Brave and the Bold and Marvel Two-In-one were great too!

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