Saturday, April 17, 2010

Batman and Dial "H" For Hero

Another old-school cover as the result of a request. Coincidentally, Batman was solicited to team up with Robby Reed in the current B&B series just as I started this one. I wish I had used better quality pics to work from for this cover, as the colors are kind of oversaturated.

Dial "H" For Hero is a series that I think would work really well as an animated kid's series. Of course if they put one out now, folks might see it as a rip off of Ben 10, even though it predates that concept by decades.


Anonymous said...

Recently discovered and am loving this blog. Very fun idea.

As I went back and saw this entry I thought you might be interested to know that Ben10 was originally pitched as an animated "Dial H for Hero". When the creators got bogged down in legal, the show became Ben10.

Jorgumund said...

Is there any place I can buy this issue? If so please contact me @ Thank you very much I'm a huge original Dial H for Hero fan & would love to have this in my collection. Thanks again John ODell

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