Saturday, April 24, 2010

Batman and Green Lantern (John Stewart)

I usually don't use very modern images in these covers, as I am usually trying to evoke a silver/bronze age feel. This one is an exception. I saw these two great pieces by Jim Lee and Ethan Van Sciver and thought the could work together, so I gave it a shot. I still couldn't resist one old school trait by adding in a couple of word balloons. Comic covers do not have nearly enough word balloons these days!

John Stewart is a great character and I am glad that his role in the JLA/JLU animated series has given him a much higher profile. Geoff Johns and others have done some great work with him in the past few years.

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BLESSD1 said...

This is amongst my favorite covers b/c I LOVE that Ethan Van Sciver cover w/Batman w/a power ring. Very cool!

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