Saturday, April 17, 2010

Batman and Doctor Doom

This one took a very long time, but it was worth it. It was hard replacing Doom's former victims with Batman's buddies but fortunately a little cloud placement covered many a flaw.

If I had only a few of my covers that could be made into actual stories, this is one I would pick. I would love to see this match-up! Doctor Doom is my favorite Marvel villain, hands down! His diplomatic status, his relationship to Reed Richards, his look and especially his attitude serve to make him one of the most interesting characters ever in comics, a creation as great as the FF itself.

Of course, this is why I was so annoyed with the portrayal of Doom in the FF movies. All that great stuff to work from, and they turn him into a Donald Trump type. The actor didn't even bother to put on an accent! Hopefully there will be a more faithful version in the upcoming reboot.


Rick said...

He wasn't treated well in the movies. His most faithful treatment was in the 2nd one but in one of them they gave me magnetic powers. Who were they fghting? Doom or Magneto?

Ross said...

Not to mention being maskless most of the time. The Roger Corman bootleg movie I watched was more faithful!

Michael Jones said...

I'm loving these!
How about doing a SuperVillain Team-up blog? Ra's al Ghul & Doctor Doom is a natural.

Ross said...

I loved Super-Villain Team-Up! If I ever move on from B&B covers I would probably do Marvel Two-in-One, another one of my favorite series. I did however do a cover prominently featuring Ra's Al Ghul... I won't say who the guest star is, but it will appear in the J's.

Beachy said...

I definitely want to read this one.

Reid said...

Fantastic cover. Great work!

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