Thursday, April 22, 2010

Batman and Godzilla

When I got this request I though that there was no way I would be able to fulfill it. But then I checked around and I found an issue of the 70's Marvel Godzilla series that would work by mixing it with a B&B cover that originally co-starred Swamp Thing. I was glad to do the hunting because is reminded me what a wonderfully offbeat series it was.

I have read that Godzilla is about to be Americanized and updated once again. I hope the filmmakers learned from the last attempt. They strayed too far from the original design and the monster spent too much of the movie hiding, giving up screen time to less interesting smaller versions of himself. The film Cloverfield showed that you can have an effective giant monster movie with a reasonable budget, so I have hope that we could still see Godzilla done right.


Rick said...

but I dont think we ever saw the monster in Cloverfield. I don't remember seeing it.

Michael Jones said...

My favourite team up to date! Cheers.

Ross said...

Rick, the Cloverfield monster is only shown in quick glimpses at first, but by the end of the movie there are cleare and clearer shots, finally a nice long close up in broad daylight. Great stuff.

Thanks, Michael!

Anonymous said...


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