Friday, April 30, 2010

Batman and Catwoman

OK, this one is admittedly very goofy but I just couldn't resist when I saw how well the images worked together. I always liked that Batman and Catwoman married on Earth-Two and had a crime fighting daughter, the Huntress. Unfortunately very little was written about that time in their careers before Crisis on Infinite Earths came along and wiped them out of continuity. Maybe now that the multiverse is back, we'll get a chance to see the Bat couple back in action in their prime.


Cabin Campbell said...

Another great one, Ross. The caption is the best part, "old chum"!
I agree that Earth-2 Batman got a raw deal. I really hate the way he died, too. To my knowledge they never explained where his killer got his powers from either.

Chris Strand said...

Okay, I'm curious what the heck comic had Batman and Catwoman doing that! I found the Earth-2 image, but not the other...

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