Monday, April 12, 2010

Batman and Daredevil

I thought this would be a simple matter of swapping in Daredevil for Green Lantern, the original co-star in the issue of B&B that I used as a template here. I then realized that because of his DD chest symbol I couldn't flip his image, so I would up flipping the entire B&B issue and adding him in, and then I had to re-flip all of the logos and dialogue. It would up being a lot of work for such a simple looking cover. It's a good thing that Batman has a symmetrical costume or this is a problem I would probably run into a lot more often!

Even though the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie met with only a lukewarm response, I still feel that ths is a character very well suited for live action. I think a TV series would be great, half lawyer dramas and half action show. Daredevil's powers are relatively easy to represent and his rogues gallery are mostly street level characters, so this would be easy to produce. I've heard rumblings of a reboot for the film franchise, so we will see what the future holds.


Zoinks! Graphics said...

In hindsight, you didn't realize you were doing an all-Affleck cover... Throw in his "Chasing Amy" character and it would be perfect!

John Ross Cocozza said...

Ross you nailed it on the Daredevil TV show prediction---just as you nailed it on this cover!!

Ross said...

If only all my predictions came true like that!

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