Friday, April 9, 2010

Batman and Challengers of the Unknown

This cover is special for me because it features my two all time favorite artists - Jim Aparo, of course, and the legendary Joe Kubert.

Through Tarzan, Tor, Hawkman, the Haunted Tank, The Unknown Soldier, Sgt. Rock, and more, Kubert has been dazzling fans with his moody, expressive art for over six decades. I was fortunate enough to meet him briefly last year at the Baltimore Comic Conventions, and the rumors are true - even at almost 80 years old, he still has a grip of iron, no doubt from wielding a pencil for so long!

I never got the chance to meet Jim Aparo before he passed away, so it was a real pleasure for me to finally meet my other favorite artist. He was very nice and gracious to me despite my gushing of praise.

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