Monday, April 26, 2010

Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy

This one was a request, and it turned out to be a fun one. I have not followed the Guardians much aside from some guest appearances here and there, but I have heard good things about their solo series.

The bad guy on the cover here is Professor Hugo Strange, one of Batman's earliest villains. I'm not sure what Christopher Nolan's plans for the next Batman film are, but I think Strange could be a good choice for an adversary. I can see Ben Kingsley in the role. Hugo Strange used to deal in genetic manipulation and Monster Men, so they could even introduce characters like Man-Bat and Killer Croc through his involvement... although they may be a little too fantastical for the tone Nolan has set.


Beachy said...

Hugo Strange is one of my favorite Batman villains. I read a story about him in a very old issue that my Dad had, but then rediscovered him when Englhart/Wein and Marshall Rogers brought him back. Those were some great comics.

Johnny B said...

Urgh...90's Guardians art!

Neat idea, though.

Anonymous said...

Ha! My other request. Awesome job, Ross

-some guy called Trevor

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