Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Batman and Captain Britain

This is another one of my favorite covers. It took a lot of work to eliminate Spider-Man from the Marvel Team-Up cover that served as the template here and then to rebuild girders and background areas. Also, the in the Batman image I used, a character had his hand wrapped around Batman's wrist, so that had to be removed as well. It was worth the effort though.

I love this original costume Captain Britain used to wear, I always thought the lion looked cool.


Rick said...

Batman's back leg looks like it is stepping off into mid-air.

Ross said...

Hey, you try staying on a girder after being zapped with an electric staff!

Energy said...

I spent a year in Scotland (Dundee) in 2008 doing a graduate law program. There was a comic shop around the corner from my flat, and I FINALLY had access to all the UK versions of DC and Marvel comics from the '70s and '80s that I'd heard about. I loved that store! ...and Bats & Captain Britain makes perfect sense to me!

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