Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Batman and Death

This is a case where swapping out characters makes a huge difference. The original cover had Cat-Man taunting Batman in a standard villain's death trap scenario. By using the embodiment of Death instead, the story possibilities open right up. I mean, she wouldn't be there unless this was the real deal, right?

It's Amazing how Death, Sandman, and the rest of The Endless have fallen off of the map lately. Neil Gaiman created such a rich universe and while I understand DC's decision not to let other writers muck about in his creations, it would be nice to see some new stories involving them. The collected editions of their comics apparently sell well so at least new readers are being exposed to some of the most thought provoking writing in comics to date.


Rick said...

I love the photoshped books you have done. I know they have met but the 2 top team-up books when I was a kid was Brave and the Bold and Marvel Team-up. I always wanted Marvel and DC to cross over those two books and team Bats with Spidey.

Ross said...

I have a Spider-Man one coming up! Thanks for checking the site out.

Rick said...

Cant wait to see the spiderman one. I just thought of another one. Batman meets Captain Victory and his Galactic Rangers.

Ross said...

Wow, talk about obscure! Kirby art is so stylized that it is tough to work with. I do have a cover with Kirby artwork on it coming up in the next few days, it might be fun to try another one.

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