Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Batman and Blue Beetle

Ah, poor Ted Kord. A pretty interesting character that didn't seem to have an large enough fan base until he was killed off. I read somewhere recently that now that Barry Allen has returned then Ted Kord will have to be the new Patron Saint of DC, as his death now holds the most resonance. Unfortunately that probably means no revival anytime soon.

His replacement Jaime Reyes is a likable character with a neat look who I have warmed up to due to his animated appearances on the Batman: The Brave and the Bold (gotta love that title!) DC wisely connected him close enough to Blue Beetle to adopt the name, while making him different enough in appearance and abilities that there would be room for both characters if Ted Kord should return. Ted could take the name Scarab or something, I think it could work. Come on, DC!


Rick said...

I agree that they can use both Blue Beetle's. He could be used as a mentor to the new one. But they are right with Barry Allen back Ted's death holds the most meaning. The JLA may have not known how evil Maxwell Lord really was if Ted hadn't found out and been murdered by him.

Ross said...

I'm guessing that since Deadman has a white ring that can revive the dead in Brightest Day, there will be a few more resurrections this year. I hope that Ralph Dibny, Sue Dibny and Ted Kord are among them.

Dave said...

From his first DCU appearance in Crisis on Infinite Earths, I was a Ted Kord fan. And, glad that he was based in Chicago for a time. It's be great if he and Ralph & Sue came back.

Mr. On said...

Would LO♥E to see BatMan team-up with Watchmen's Nite Owl against Earth-2's Owlman and their version of Blue B!

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