Thursday, April 15, 2010

Batman and Deathlok

Here's another character that I wish Marvel would do more with. I think my first exposure to Deathlok was in Marvel Two-In-One. I always dug his look and concept. When he was first introduced he was pretty original and since then we have seen many variations on the man/machine hybrid in film and comics. But good ol' Luther Manning was a pioneer and should not be relegated to a 4 issue miniseries once in a blue moon. I think I read that Marvel is ready to give the character another shot, hopefully this time he will find an audience.


Rick L. Phillips said...

I think that the Six Million Dollar man was first but i agree that the concept is good but when i was a kid the look of Death lock scared me.

Ross said...

You are probably right but Deathlok was the first where you could tell he was a cyborg by just looking at him. I liked that scary look!

kevrob said...

In fact, the novel from which $6 M Man was adapted was Martin Caidin's "Cyborg."

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