Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Batman and Captain Carrot

Another request. Wasn't sure how the dead serious Aparo art would work with Scott Shaw's cartoony style, but I think it adds the absurdity of the scene. My criteria for a cover is whether it would make me want to read the story inside and although simple, this one would pass the test with me.

Captain Carrot was the head of the Amazing Zoo Crew in a series during the 80's that skirted the line between funny animals and superheroics. DC included the Zoo Crew world as part of it's multiverse and they even had crossovers with Superman, Changeling, etc. The stories were always pretty much played for laughs though, so I thought it would be fun to show a slightly menacing Captain Carrot here.


Anonymous said...

Is this kamandi's world on the cover?

Anonymous said...

The fauna in Kamandi's world has some significant stuff in common with Earth-C's (though the technology is primitive).

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