Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Batman and Black Panther

The contrast in brightness between the two images was tough to work with on this one so I have never been 100% pleased with how it came out. Maybe I'll do another Black Panther cover one of these days.

The image here is from T'Challa's first appearance in Fantastic Four. I always liked how Marvel had heroes and villains who commanded entire Nations. Dr. Doom, Namor, Black Bolt and The Black Panther seemed to rise above their peers for that reason. Over at DC I guess Aquaman ruled Atlantis, but I seem to remember him being exiled a lot.


BLESSD1 said...

I'm pretty partial to this one as Batman & Black Panther are 2 of my favorite characters. Great job!

Energy said...

One of my absolute favorite issues of B&B was this one with Batman and Karate Kid. I wasn't too familiar with the Legion of Superheroes just yet, but thought Karate Kid was a great answer to Marvel's Iron Fist.

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