Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Batman and Deadpool

OK, I am not a huge fan of Deadpool. I have read a few funny comics featuring him, but these days Marvel seems determined to oversaturate the market with him for some reason. Anyway, I never thought I would do a team up with him until I stumbled onto a cover with his mask pinned with a knife and I knew it looked very similar to a cover John Byrne for the "Many Deaths of the Batman" storyline several years beck. It's a very simple concept, but I think it worked out quite nicely.


Neil Anderosn said...

How about Nightshade, since she was also drawn by Jim Aparo? Be nice to see Thunderbolt, Captain Atom, and the Question as well. Love you blog!

Ross said...

Nightshade is a great suggestion for the dual Aparo element! I'm not sure how many images exist online, but I will poke around. I am intrigued at the idea. I actually have been trying to do a Captain Atom one, but the Ditko artwork doesn't blend very well with other styles so it is a challenge.

Derrick Ferguson said...

Deadpool is a character whose appeal totally escapes me. And he's written by writers who think they're a whole lot funnier than they actually are.

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