Monday, January 30, 2023

The Demon Vs. Mephisto


After having his appearance rumored for years, it seems like Mephisto is finally about to join the MCU.  My only concern is the reports that he will be portrayed by Sasha Baron Cohen.  While he has played a few serious roles, mostly he is known for his broad comedy.  I really don't want Mephisto to be another wisecracking MCU villain.

This cover required some splash page extension and word balloon removal before I could add Etrigan into it.  Here's a behind-the scenes look at the process:


Anonymous said...

If you want straight-faced super-villainy, Marvel Films would be better off casting Steve Carrell as Mephisto. He's been in three cinematic comedies where he proved unfunny!

Carycomic said...

LOL! A non-fan after my own heart. :-)

Bob Greenwade said...

"No more rhymes, now! I mean it!" "Anybody want a peanut?"

I wouldn't worry too much about Sasha Baron Cohen playing Mephisto. Remember the complaints about Michael Keaton being cast Batman? The doubts about Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man? A lot will depend on the director(s) of the first two projects he appears in.

Re: Steve Carrell: The only thing I've seen him in is Get Smart, and I sort of liked him in that -- thought not nearly as much as Anne Hathaway. (I'd grade them B- and A, respectively.)

Detective Tobor said...

This is a story beyond compare
With a foe like this from anywhere

Demon think without ryhme??
Mephisto should be too powerful for the Demon, at least for what we have seen. It would be some story to see how Etrigran becomes a victor.

Daviticus said...

@Detective Tobor: He was rhyming with what Mephisto said.

Also: *Carell

Carycomic said...

@Ross: yes! The supernatural smack-down I was hoping you'd eventually do. Thank you, so much. :-)

@Bob and Daviticus: I don't know about Anon825. But, regardless of how Steverino spells his last name, I walked out on his bastardization of Maxwell Smart. Followed by walk-outs on BURT BLUNDERSTONE and THE WAY, WAY BACK. English translation? He has to be good at drama. Because he definitely sucks at comedy!

Anonymous said...

@Carycomic he had 'office' training.

Anonymous said...

@Anon815PM: only proves my all the more. I boycotted that whole series, too!---Cary

Ken Roskos said...

Dwelling in the Fiery Pits,
I will fight to keep my wits.
The flames of Hades will soon fold,
Revenge's a dish that's best served cold.

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