Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Orion and The Avengers

The New Gods film is said to be centered around Mr. Miracle and Big Barda, but I have to believe that Orion will play a pivotal role.  He is the son of Darkseid after all, and the opposite side of the coin in many ways to Scott Free.  I really hope that someone is cast in the role that can do the complexity of the character justice (and that they don't mind spending a good amount of time in a helmet).

The Avengers first met Orion (along with Lightray) in STF #2116...


Comment deleted said...

Cap, Spidy & Vision. What a time that was. Get Don Blake to take care of Wanda and you'll have a first class witch doctor. But with Brimstone, shouldn't he have gone up against Fire as well?

Since amost everyone from the JLA was in the tabloid size crossover and joined with the Avengers, why not the New Gods?

Raises a question. Has the Superadaptoid gone against Thor? If it did was it able to duplicate his powers or did Odin's magic mess it up? If it did duplicate Thor's abilities, i'd like to see someone study the Adaptoid in hopes of further duplicating that kind of power.

In fact, what about Superadaptoid going against Loki or the Enchantress? Dealing with magic might screw up his system. Got it, call Donald Blake!

Anonymous said...

So, if Darkseid couldn't break their collective will, he'll use Brimstone to break their bodies?

Tcha! Good luck with that. :-)

det_Tobor said...

The Totalitarians could get commissioned for fights like this.
What do they do if a character's power if sexual like pheromones? Can Amazo or Super-Adaptoid really give a come hither look or feel? I kind of doubt it but who knows?

Thor could take care of Brimstone by himself.

Glenn said...

I really like the Beast before he was pulled back into the X-Men world and further mutated. With him being nicknamed by some as "blue ape" and changed from big words to comedian I thought he'd make a good team up with "Grape Ape".

Bob Greenwade said...

Unrelated to this (a very exciting cover, BTW): How about teaming up Big Barda with She-Hulk? Two large women, as strong in spirit as they are in brawn, working together to make things right -- how could that miss?

Anonymous said...

All too easily...if Ross pits them against Mandrill.

Hint-hint! ;-)

Anonymous said...

P.S.---how about Godzilla and Red Ronin vs. Brimstone and Ultimo?

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