Monday, July 30, 2012

Wonder Woman Vs. Doctor Doom

I wonder if the executives at Warner Brothers are kicking themselves right now.  They had Joss Whedon working on a Wonder Woman film project for quite a while before they ultimately scrapped it. Whedon of course went on to The Avengers and the second highest grossing movie of all time, so maybe they should have given that Wonder Woman treatment of his a closer look.  Warner Brothers has again made a Wonder Woman film a priority, and it will be interesting to see which creative direction they go with it.


Diabolu Frank said...

Given that Warner Brothers has gotten anything to work but Batman over the last thirty years (and sometimes not even then,) I don't have the highest of hopes for a Wonder Woman movie. Whedon is one of the very few people who could have done something with the property that was both true to the character and appealing to the masses. I guess we'll get Len Wiseman directing Kate Beckinsale instead, which might be as middling as Green Lantern if they really work at it.

Anyway, love the cover. Great fun!

GF said...

I do not think the popcorn treatment of The Avengers was suitable for Wonder Woman, nor the Whedon's angsty (rumored) original take on the character, so I doubt WB believes they missed out on anything. If handles like the Timmverse animated version--or the adaptation of New Frontier, a W.W. film would be majestic and powerful on the action end.

In any case, love your cover; W.W. is badass enough to take on doom without a moment of hesitation. Imagine a 12-page battle sequence between these two? If only!!

Anonymous said...

Hippolyta -- Queen of Latveria. Hoo-rah!

BTW - How about a Superman / I Dream of Jeannie cover?

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