Friday, July 6, 2012

Black Lightning Vs. Power Man

Well, it looks as though Black Lightning is set to make his debut in the newly revamped DCU.  Apparently he and Blue Devil will be teamed together in a buddy action/comedy type tale in the pages of DC Universe Presents.  His new costume doesn't look all that different from the one he had been sporting for the past few years, but he does look a bit younger.  I still prefer his classic look (especially the slightly updated version that Cully Hamner illustrated in Black Lightning: Year One), but Brett Booths new design looks cool.  Hopefully the stories will be allow Jefferson Pierce to shine.

Marvel seems to be gearing up to some universe redefining of its own following the Avengers vs X-Men event.  From what I have seen, it is mainly to make the comics closer to the movie properties.  Luke Cage hasn't shown up in the films yet, so it's unclear what the new status quo will mean for him.  Hopefully he will have a proper costume again.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Now that is one cool cover!
The story of Black Lightning/Tony Isabella/DC is a very sad and tragic one. I now look back at the issue where Black Lightning was hazed/evaluated for membership by the JLA with sadness. His bright and shining moments were with Batman and The Outsiders.

Up until Secret War I had been enjoying Cage's appearance in The Avengers. I need to go back and re-read the trade paperbacks.

Is it worthwhile to keep up on Avengers after Secret War? The idea of all those Avengers titles gives me a headache.

Dale Bagwell said...

Someone send Tony Isabella this cover so that he'll have something to smile about for a change.

Yeah both BL and Isabella's story is sad, and once again illustrates that the comic industry is a business run by a corporation. And like all corporations, they look after their own interests rather than the creators that work for them.

I guess I'm of the minority that doesn't care for the rebooted versions of BL and BD so far, especially BD's new outfit. Yuck!

worldmusic said...

Blue Devil was a great unique character that has never really been brought to his full potential. Dan Mishkin did a great job creating and writing Amethyst (looking forward to seeing her here) but I never felt he knew what to do with BD. The stories were always subpar. I was never drawn to Shadowpact, so i don't know how he was treated in that title, so I for one am glad for his re-boot and I like the new design. Black Lightning, what can I say, my favorite character from Batman and the Outsiders who has stayed solid in every reincarnation, including JLA. Never liked his daughter Thunder thought, so I'm happy she seems to be gone from the new 52.

Anonymous said...

since teen titans has thunder and lightning shes redundant just like theyd never bring back dula dent aka jokers daughter/harlequin due to harley quinn already established

Anonymous said...

DC has a Duela Dent online anime style comic book coming out next month. and she looks good too!

GF said...

Love the gritty look of this cover!

Matt Celis said...

Black Lightnin was awesome until he went bald and put on his ugly new costumes.

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