Monday, July 16, 2012

Iron Fist and The Phantom

I have read that Iron Fist is on the list of characters that Marvel is looking to bring to the big screen, which is a good thing.  There are a couple of angles that an Iron Fist film could take.  They could use the great Immortal Iron Fist series as a template, and concentrate on the generational aspect of the character.  That seems ready made for a film treatment and would be a fun watch.  Still, I love seeing Iron Fist with Power Man and it would be great to see them featured together.  To make it really stand out, they could set the film in the swingin' 70's, complete with afros, bell bottoms and a rockin' soundtrack. Marvel has already showed us that period piece superhero films can work with X-Men: First Class and Captain America, so why not?


Neil Anderson said...

I love it--be great if you could do a sequel that adds Amazing Man and Pete Cannon, Thunderbolt.

Neil Anderson

-Danny said...

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Anonymous said...

I didn't much care for the X-men prequel (as evidenced by my unalterable insistence on sub-titling it "Low Class!"). So, I think a better team-up for Power Fist and Iron Fist would be with...the Shadow.

I loved the circa 1995 Alec Baldwin film version!! And, it's a well-documented fact that the most popular pulp adventures of He-who-knows-what-evil-lurks-in-the hearts-of-men always took place in NYC's Chinatown. So, why not have him team up with Marvel's answer to the Dynamic Duo to solve some kind of weird crime that ultimately brings all three of them into conflict with...Shiwan Khan!

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting Marvel to get the rights to The Shadow for exactly this for years! I think it would be awesome if The Shadow's master had connections to K'un Lun. The Shadow is perfect for missions in Hello Kitchen, and then expanding to some black ops SHIELD missions. Also, I loved the Alec Baldwin movie as well!

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