Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Robin and The Punisher

Christopher Nolan is pretty good about keeping the complete details to his films under wraps until they open in theaters, and so there are still a lot of questions about The Dark Knight Rises.  The big one for me is exactly what type of role does Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character play?  I have seen assumptions that he will take over for a dead or weakened Bruce Wayne as either Robin or a new Batman, but I just don't know if that makes sense.  He's too old for Robin and I doubt Nolan will end his trilogy by replacing the main character.  I would like to see a new version of Robin when the Batman franchise inevitably rebooted, because the character wasn't really done justice in the Schumaker films in which he appeared.

I think the Punisher should probably enjoy a rest from films for a while.  It's weird - he seems like one of the easier characters to adapt, but each one of the three Punisher films has been a disappointment.  Maybe a cable TV series would be a better way to go.

This cover marks the end of the smaller-sized covers on this blog.  Beginning tomorrow, the covers will all be in the larger size that has been featured a handful of times.


Golap said...

Yap..it's a ST family!!


Anonymous said...

I think that Punisher fails on big screen because he loses what makes him unique. he stands out among superheroes in comics, but on silver screen he's just another action movie character.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

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