Thursday, July 5, 2012

Batgirl and Captain America

I first took notice of Marcos Martin's art in Batgirl: Year One, and was incredibly impressed by his unique style.  Martin is a master at composition and body language which gives his work an exciting, fluid look.  His covers are amazing as well, he created some true classics in his recent Daredevil run.  My favorite character to see Martin on is Spider-man, though.  He really captures Spidey's signature style of movement and his character designs hearken back to the classic Steve Ditko issues.  Any comic featuring Martin art is definitely  worth checking out.


Dale Bagwell said...

Oh yeah, I highly agree that Martin is an awesomely talented artist. He's such a throwback, I imagine wouldn't be too out of place in the silver age.

And yes, his Spider-Man is phenomenal! He hits all the Steve Ditko marks, yet still retains enough of his own style to look both classic and modern at the same time. Only a few handful of artists pull this off.

Oh and thanks, because now I'd like to see how the rest of the story plays out:(

Anonymous said...

the boxes of words are chopped please repost or tell me what they say

Ross said...

Looks ok to me but I reposted just in case.

Anonymous said...

i see top box but side ones are cut off

pblfsda said...

I can see the posts fine using Google Chrome. If they're "chopped up" (not missing but digitally scrambled?) it could be a processing issue. I used to use an older model computer and would often have to clear out my history and dump extraneous programs regularly or it would freeze up on me. Some things, especially graphics, need there to be some 'elbow room' in your computer's memory even if you're not saving them. Static graphics like this really shouldn't be any problem. Videos are usually more demanding. If you don't have problems with videos or know for sure what your current memory is, the next thing to investigate is whether this is peculiar to your provider or choice of browser. If you tell Ross which they are he would know if they are or are not commonly used by his audience. (i.e., he has 300+ followers and who knows how many casual readers. If only one is using Bing, it could be specific to Bing. If fifty are using it every day, Bing's not the problem.

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