Thursday, July 12, 2012

Superman Vs. Hyperion

I always thought it was cool that Marvel had a team of JLA analogues in their super-group The Squadron Supreme.  The fact that their "Superman" - Hyperion - had red hair was an added bonus.  As a redhead, I was always looking out for heroes that looked like me, and it was great to have one as a team leader.  Marvel had been doing some interesting things with Hyperion and the Squadron, but once J. Michael Straczynski left those titles, they seemed to lose their momentum and stopped appearing before too long.  Hopefully they will be back soon, I've enjoyed them in all their various incarnations over the years.


Anonymous said...

I was eight years old when I first bought and read Avengers 147-148, the end of a major Avengers/Squadron Supreme storyline. I've loved them ever since and even wrote my own fan fiction about them when I was a teenager. I was absolutely blown away at about 14 when I found out that they were JLA analogs. I felt *really* dumb! (But I still make a point of getting their appearances.)

Bob Greenwade said...

I think the last appearance by the Squadron Supreme was during the Exiles' "World Tour" storyline (#69-83). Power Princess even joined that team for a while.

(There was a "Marvel Zombies Supreme" series last year, where the SS turned out to be clones of the originals, so I don't really count that.)

I'd love to see more members of the Squadron Supreme show up on this site in the future.

Invisible Chair said...

I had a Trapper Keeper with the cover of The Avenger issue 141 on the front and 142 on the back. (I think this was 1976/78?) I also had an Avengers metal Aladdin lunch box. Those things tough and brutal ;o) Not like the cheap plastic lunch boxes you see on sale at Walmart. I had all these Marvel school accessories, but I only brought DC comics! go figure ;o)

Mikeyboy said...

That Squadron mini series was one of the best written storylines ever in the history of comics...I recommend everyone do their research and go get yourselves the trade collection.

Gerry said...

The Squadron Supreme was a great JLA pastiche. DC also had pastiches of the Avengers and (more recently) Ultimates: the Champions of Angor and the Maximums (respectively).

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