Monday, July 2, 2012

Red Tornado Vs. The West Coast Avengers

When West Coast Avengers was originally published, I liked it better than the mainstream Avengers title, mainly due to the roster of characters that it featured.  It allowed Hawkeye a chance to finally shine as a leader, which I liked, and also gave heroes like Tigra and Mockingbird some nice development.  I remember seeing Red Tornado as a member of Primal Force (a team coming out of DC's Zero Hour event) and hoping he would get more attention than he did as a JLA member, but he was an emotionless shell for most of the series.  Fortunately, Red Tornado got a nice storyline when he joned the JLA in the Brad Meltzer run of Justice League of America.  I'm still waiting to see where he shows up in DC newly revamped line.


Backyard of Mystery said...

....before Marvel was taken over by mutants, The Avengers was the franchise everyone talked about.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

I have the complete run of Primal Force. I liked it. It was different. Unfortunately it didn't catch on.

I thought Red Tornado was pretty good in Young Justice right after Primal Force.

I still have a hard time agreeing with the idea that Red Tornado represents the heart and core of the League better than J'onn J'onzz. But, now, Cyborg has been added to reinforce that idea. Unfortunately, J'onn seems to be the odd alien out - or one alien to many...

bLade said...

Yes I agree with you that West Coast Avengers is better since Hawkeye just what you said is given a chance to prove his leadership.

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