Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wonder Woman and Elektra

As soon as news of the Netflix Daredevil series was released, there has been much speculation as to who would be playing Elektra.  Some assumed it would be Rosario Dawson, but her role has been revealed as Night Nurse.  With production well underway, and no new announcements, I wonder if Elektra will even be a part of the show.  It is understandable that the show runners do not want to follow the same path as the movie, and maybe they are going to concentrate more on Karen Page as a romantic interest.  Oh, well - they have to same some stuff for season 2!


Bob Greenwade said...

It might make sense for them to wait a while to introduce Elektra into the series. As you (tried to) say, they would want to save some stuff for later; if you work up everything right away, you're stuck with inventing new bits!

Anonymous said...

As for the Jennifer Garner versions of the character? She did an exceptional job of portraying Elektra, despite the script material she was given to work with.

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