Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tarzan Vs. Kraven The Hunter

This is a battle I would love to see.  You just know that these two would clash instantly.  Kraven would definitely want to match his skills against the lord of the jungle, and Tarzan has no patience for animal thrill-killers.  It would be a great fight, but ultimately my money is on Tarzan in this match up.


Anonymous said...

It makes sense these two would clash. They both have the same tailor.

Anonymous said...

Kraven could almost guarantee to flush out Tarzan by abducting Jane. Perhaps, with some help from the perennially jealous La of Opar!

Anonymous said...

They could even fight over the same woman! La of Opar.

Matthew Baugh said...

It would be a cool fight. I think Kraven actually did fight Marvel's Tarzan clone, Ka-Zar, years ago. His gadgets helped out even the odds, but Ka-Zar ultimately won.

And what Ka-Zar can do, Tarzan can do even better.

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