Saturday, November 15, 2014

Usagi Yojimbo Joins Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew

I have enjoyed the DCU animated shorts that are played during their cartoon series.  Most are light hearted and skew to a younger audience, so I think that some Zoo Crew appearances would be a fitting and welcome addition to the  line up.  These guys are tailor made for animation!.

As a reminder, you can order a copy of The Sakai Project below.   All of the proceeds from this over-sized book go to Stan and Sharon Sakai to help pay for medical bills incurred from a brain tumor that Sharon has been battling.

The Sakai Project


Anonymous said...

dc's convergence will show us more zoo crew captain carrot is in multiversity so im sure well get more in 2015 how bout hoppy and usagi or zoo crew vs pet avengers

John R. Platt said...

Love it!

Neil Robertson said...

Since both Scott and Stan are both close friends of Sergio Aragon├ęs, there's a good chance that Usagi and the Captain have met in a cartoon before, even if it was only a convention sketch. (plus Sergio's own character, Cat Nippon, might make a formidable opponent for the Zoo Crew as well).

Anonymous said...

Well, you made half my wish from last week come true.

Thanks. :-)

Anonymous said...

To Neil Robertson:

Usagi vs. Groo might be more appropriate.

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