Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Hulk Vs. Amazo

I recently was reminded of an episode of The Incredible Hulk that featured guest stars Loni Anderson and Jeremy Brett.  My favorite Sherlock Holmes actor opposite The Hulk?  I had to check it out (thanks, Dave, for the heads up)!  I was struck once again about how enjoyable a series it was.  Sure, it is cheesy by today's standards, but the guest star list is a who's who of 70's and 80's stars and Bixby and Ferrigno gave their all to their performances - never once winking at the camera because they were in a comic book show.  Whenever I stumble upon an episode while channel surfing, I always seem to wind up watching the whole thing.


AirDave said...

Ha! You are most welcome! Hey, don't forget that the first episode of the series was a riff on Rocky, with the guy who played the evil sensei in the original Karate Kid trilogy...

The Incredible Hulk was cutting edge for it's time!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on this one. Half the charm of that CBS series was the Hulk smashes dealt out by Lou Ferrigno. The other half was Bill Bixby's well-honed expertise for pathos.*

*I remember tears literally coming to my eyes when David Banner almost committed suicide over the mistaken belief that he (as the Hulk) had accidentally killed a teenage mugger. Said Banner: "This isn't suicide. It's an execution."

Fortunately, and ironically, investigative reporter Jack McGee saved the day by finding the real culprit.

Matthew Baugh said...

Bill Bixby was one of my all time favorite actors. I have very fond memories of that show. I should re-watch it.

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