Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Superman and Thor (Vs. Amazo and Taskmaster)

I have been checking out the original Adventures of Superman TV series lately.  I had watched a scene or two over the years, but never sat down for a full episode until they recently began airing on a local classic television channel.  I have to admit I get a real kick out of them.  George Reeves makes a great barrel chested Superman, reminding me of the comics from that era.  I like seeing all the classic styles of clothing and automobiles as well.  Clark isn't very careful with his secret identity though - the guy just cant resist making sly references to his alter ego at any opportunity!


AirDave said...

I hope that based on the success of Batman '66 and the potential of Wonder Woman '77 that DC would consider revisiting The Adventures of Superman...since they are wrapping up the digital Season Eleven of Smallville...

Wouldn't it have been cool to see George Reeves face Ed Wynn as The Toyman?

This is a brilliant team-up!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd prefer revisiting the 1960's Filmation versions of Superman, Batman, and the Justice League. As for this depicted team-up? I agree with AirDave: absolutely brilliant!

The very first Avengers reprint I ever read was the one that introduced Immortus, Lord of Limbo. The opening pages showed Captain America (then, only recently unfrozen) trying to elude the super-powered Avengers for one full minute...and almost succeeding!

So, it stands to reason that Superman might initially under-estimate Taskmaster's use of the collective abilities of the non-superhuman Avengers. While Thor might find himself being fried with Kryptonian-like heat vision...or having his hammer emoceb a sselmrah rahtaef retsud.


Anonymous said...

Awesome rendition! :-D

How about Batman-beyond vs. Darth Vader?

Anonymous said...

Nice cover Ross! Taskmaster was created during the George Perez run on the Avengers, and he is really the precursor of Deathstroke. But I don't see him as much of a threat to Thor or Supes since he only has human abilities but can mimic any skill or talent he has seen demonstrated. However, teamed with Amazo they would be formidable. Most of his equipment clearly duplicates those of the Avengers, like Caps shield, Hawkeyes bow, Black Knights sword, etc. but where does the lasso come from? That's Wonder Woman's schtick.

pblfsda said...

I thought that there had been an Amazo/Super-Adaptoid cover but I checked the tags on the left and couldn't find the Adaptoid under "Adaptoid", "Super" or "The".

Oh, and @Anonymous (first): if you were living in the U.S. that Avengers reprint was probably Marvel Triple Action #5(9/72), the first of that title to reprint Avengers. The first four issues reprinted the Fantastic Four. The Avengers issue was #10, which is in the first volume of Avengers' Marvel Masterworks and Essentials.

Anonymous said...

taskmaster has rope either to mimic black widow or daredevil due to his ability to replicate all heroes moves not just avengers

Bob Buethe said...

Ross, I envy you watching The Adventures of Superman for the first time. It was my love of that show that prompted me to ask my parents to buy me my first comic books with Superman on the cover, so I could see the hero I enjoyed watching in black-and-white printed in full color. I'm thoroughly enjoying Batman '66, and though I'm sure that Wonder Woman '77 will be nice, what I really want to read is Superman '55.

Let me dispel one myth: it's not true that George Reeves always let bullets bounce off of his chest, but ducked when the crooks threw an empty gun at him. That only happened in one episode, "The Mind Machine" (though the scene was shown again in flashback in "Crime Wave"). And it wasn't even George Reeves. If you freeze the scene, it's clear that it was a stand-in.

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