Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thor and Hellboy

I am a fan of Ron Perlman's take on Hellboy in the two Guillermo Del Toro directed films that have been released.  I hope we finally get to see the finale to the movie trilogy even though the first two were not huge financial successes.  In the meantime, I thought it was very cool for the actor to take the time and effort out to reprise the role for a young leukemia patient - even having the kid get made up as a mini Hellboy.  Great stuff:


AirDave said...

To me, the Hellboy films were quality over quantity. They were good stories. Hellboy isn't Batman. Thor isn't Batman. ;)

Don't forget about the two animated Hellboy films! :)

Ross said...

Ah yes, those are lots of fun as well!

Anonymous said...

I am so bummed about Ron Perlman right now! He was scheduled to make an appearance at Megacon in Orlando this weekend but he had to cancel. Such a shame I won't get to see him. Oh well, it wouldn't be a comic convention if somebody didn't cancel.

Matthew Baugh said...

The movies got me into Hellboy. Ron Perlman is amazing, especially when he's buried under a ton of makeup. He gives inhuman characters a deep humanity. Loved him in Beauty and the Beast and he was probably the only actor who could have done justice to Hellboy.

I'm finally reading the graphic novels and am in awe of the way Mignola uses mythology.

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