Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ragman and Daredevil

I was glad to see Ragman step back into the spotlight with his inclusion in the Shadowpact series.  I don't think that he has been seen since the New 52 reboot though.  Hopefully, he will find a home in comics again, I always loved his cool costume and back story.


Anonymous said...

Very nice cover. These two are a good fit for each other.

Is it just me, or did Samnee slip a Captain Planet Easter Egg in there? That tank top on the far left looks awfully familiar. Bonus crossover! :D


Ross said...

Ha, good catch!

Bob Buethe said...

I liked the original Kanigher/Kubert Ragman better. There was nothing supernatural about him; just a man in a suit of rags trying to avenge his father's death. Ragman was basically what Batman would have been if Bruce Wayne were flat broke. Unfortunately, he only lasted five issues (plus two Batman team-ups).

Matthew Baugh said...

I thought the original was a little supernatural. IIRC his father had some friends over to the shop who included a circus strongman, an acrobat and a former champion boxer. When they were murdered, their strength, agility and skills somehow passed to Ragman.

This is an exceptionally good pairing. Ragman and DD are both very much creatures of the decaying inner city.

Isaac said...

maybe WB should do a show on Ragman
a la Supernatural. I wouldn't mind his Post-Crisis origin there but I'm a Silver/Bronze age baby and I like the Kanigher origin because that's what drew me to him in the first place. Think of him as DC's answer to Marvel's Moon Knight. Classic DC Forever!

Bob Buethe said...

@Matthew Baugh: It was implied, but never actually stated within the story, that Rory Regan gained some of his father's friends' abilities when they died. As Ragman, he never really displayed any abilities far beyond what might be expected from an athletic young man in his twenties. I've always preferred to think of him as a normal man who's driven, although I know that others prefer the transferred-skills idea.

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