Monday, March 17, 2014

The Doom Patrol Vs. Galactus

I can imagine a scenario like this actually taking place in the pages of Doom Patrol.  Niles Caulder was always taking crazy chances and unnecessary risks, and was also known for keeping secrets from the rest of the team.  Sure, it was usually for the greater good, but he really knew how to escalate a situation.


Isaac said...

Hell, this is as good as that Vertigo
parody of years ago. Good ob Ross. Now any chance we can see Ch'p & Rocket Raccoon together?

Doug said...

That's a great cover! It's seamless -- definitely could have happened!


pblfsda said...

@Isaac: The Marvel parody in "Doom Patrol" was during the Grant Morrison run. In #53 (03/92) guest artist Ken Steacy drew the cast (plus John Constantine and the Phantom Stranger) as mid-60's Lee/Kirby characters in Danny the Street's dream. The title became a Vertigo series a year later, but it would be another ten years before they were reprinted in paperbacks. It was the paperbacks that had the Vertigo label put on them, retroactively. None of the Morrison issues were published under Vertigo, but everybody remembers them that way.

Anonymous said...

The mere mention of the Doom Patrol invites debate, and I happen to be among those who prefer Grant Morrison's version.
I gotta admit, that guy was way over my head sometimes, but at least I felt challenged.
It's kinda definitive.
And I loved that issue mentioned above featuring Danny the Street's dream. Maybe it was Morrison's affectionate salute to his own influences.
A lotta Lee and Kirby there!
Deconstruction can be a good thing, if there's some heart behind it.

Energy Law said...

I attended a lecture at The New School for Social Research (NYC)in the mid '90s deconstructing Grant Morrison's run on the Doom Patrol, incorporating influences of Jacque Derrida and Jurgen Habermas, so there's that!

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