Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Flash and Spider-Man

The WB Network has released the first image of Grant Gustin in his Flash costume for the upcoming series, and even though it was only a profile head shot, it was very well received among comic fans. That's because it is an honest to goodness superhero cowl, and not just red sunglasses or something, you never know when a TV adaptation will go that route.  Even the Scarlet Speedster's ear pieces were there, and the tweaked version that uses the lightning bolt insignia works nicely.  Hopefully the rest of the outfit will look as good.


Bob Greenwade said...

Regarding the producers' decision to go with the full cowl, I think it may have helped that the John Wesley Shipp costume (in the 1990 series) actually worked very well.

Regarding this cover, I think it's another excellent combination that looks as though it could have been a unit piece. Not only do the styles and shading look similar, but the poses match up just right!

Matthew Baugh said...

I understand the sunglasses thing. Costumes that look cool in comics don't work as well in live action. But when you get something that crosses the boundaries, it's magic.

IMO, Spidey and the Flash would have been a great team-up, especially back in the 70s.

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