Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Fantastic Four and Green Lantern (Vs. Doctor Doom)

The Fantastic Four have had a lot of costume changes and for the most part, they have worked.  I was unsure at first about the white uniforms they used here (while Johnny was "temporarily" dead), but they grew on me.  Currently the FF are sporting red colored uniforms, which just does not look right to my eye.  Maybe for The Human Torch red is a good look, but I don't like it for the rest of the team.  It especially doesn't work against the thing's orange rocky hide.  I don't mind the design, just the color - change it to blue and they would look great!


Anonymous said...

Personally I think the new red makes them look too much like the Incredibles. The white took a bit to grow on me as well, but it's not bad.

Personal favorite GL design is the JLU John Stewart uniform.


David McRobie said...

since the Incredibles completely ripped off the FF, it's only fitting.

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