Friday, March 21, 2014

Khan and Boba Fett

A science fiction franchise is only as good as its bad guys and here are two of the coolest.  It might be fun to see them work together.  Would their combined efforts finally take down their nemeses, or would one of them wind up double crossing the other first?


AirDave said...

Benedict Cumberbatch makes an awesome Smaug and Sherlock, but his Khan was just "meh". There's no way to top Ricardo Montleban. Boba Fett was cooler in the original trilogy, too!

Woodclaw said...

I have to agree with Airdave on this.
In my eyes the problem is how these two actors approached the duality of Khan.
The original Khan was a incredibly intelligent man with a beast in him that he kept barely leashed. Even when he acted perfectly polite and in control, I had the impression that he could pounce a tear apart everyone in the room with ease. There wasn't a full duality it was more of natural progression of Khan's personality.
Cumberbatch instead protrayed a fully bipolar character. There is a more clean cut line between the two halves of his performance that somehow ruins the final result.

Matthew Baugh said...

Yeah, Montalban owned the character and not even a talent as versatile as Cumberbatch can't match him. FWIW, I think he did a better job than if they'd cast someone who was more a Montalban "type." That would have been really bad.

Mike Shirley said...

One's a genetically enhanced warlord, the other's a bounty hunting clone. What wacky shenanigans will they get up to now? :D

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