Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nick Fury and Spy Smasher

I remember thinking that Spy Smasher was cool when I was introduced to him in the pages of a JLA/JSA crossover that featured the "Earth-S" heroes.  At the time I figured that he was just another c-list Fawcett character but it turns out that he had quite a presence back in his day with plenty of solo adventures and even a live action movie serial adaptation.  They got the costume perfectly right in that serial, too - which is more than Batman or Captain America could say.


Raphael said...

Some Sunday morning silliness: Jughead Jones, Matter-Eater Lad, and Homer Simpson must defeat Galactus in a pie-eating contest...

Weird WWII said...

Should be Spy Smasher and the Unknown Soldier. Those together could infiltrate and take over the planet!

Great stuff,

Matthew Baugh said...

I don't know Spy-Smasher well at all. I think he may have guest-starred in an issue of Captain Marvel before the cross-over you mention.

I loved what they did with him in the JLU TV series. They even put his segment in black and white, like an old cliffhanger. :)

David McRobie said...

the costumes not withstanding, both the Batman serials are fun. Captain America is quite good, I look at it like it's the version they had to do so the real Cap would be safe, lol. Spy Smasher is a GREAT serial- nearly everything is done right. Highly recommended.
Glad you used the REAL Nick Fury.

Bob Greenwade said...

Raphael: Add Dagwood Bumstead. :)

David: Ross hasn't yet used the Ultimate Nick Fury -- only the original. I'm hoping we can eventually see a team-up between Ultimate NF and Mace Windu! ;)

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