Sunday, March 16, 2014

Forge and Steel

Forge's ability to instantly understand and work with any kind of machinery and tech was one of the cooler mutant powers, in my opinion.  I always hoped that he would get a higher profile, but for some reason he as always seemed to stay on the periphery of the X-Men universe. I think he and John Henry Irons would make a cool team and it would be fun to see what kinds of devices they would come up with.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding teamup. I think the reason the tech/engineering-type heroes never do get center stage is because ultimately, their powers derive from a source which many a fanboy thinks is really interesting, but few of us have ever really and truly studied and learned. Plus, if a comic book actually did start to get really in-depth with the technical aspects of heroes like these, goodbye drama.

We like these guys and their powers enough for them to grab our superficial interest, in other words, but not enough to sustain it. My humble opinion anyway; feel free to disagree.

Anonymous said...

if ever two names were meant to team up, these two were.

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