Thursday, March 13, 2014

Justice League of America And Marvel Girl

It must have been tough being Jean Grey growing up.  First, she had trouble finding acceptance among her peers due to her mutant powers.  Then, once she finally gets into Xavier's school, she had the opposite problem! Reading those early issues, it seems like every member of the team had a crush one her - including Professor X!. I'm glad they didn't pursue that story line very far.

By the way, the above cover is only the beginning of this tale.  It leads into tomorrow's issue #700.


AirDave said...

I could see a few "mutant" suspects in the League. Maybe Diana, Barry, Arthur or J'onn. Hal's powers come from the ring and Oliver's are from natural trained ability - or ARE they?!

Wow! 700 issues! Amazing!

Rick L. Phillips said...

When they started the X-Men the Professor was only suppose to be a few years older then the X-Men. He only looked older because he went bald early in life. So his crush didn't seem as creepy as it does now that they have made him much older then his students. Congrats on the 700th issue. You have really broken the record set by the original Super-Team Family.

pblfsda said...

Actually, the cover where that JLA art was originally used was a Doctor Destiny story. The plot really did involve Destiny disguised as a member-- Green Lantern.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, which of these Leaguers could be a mutant? Arthur, J'Onn and Diana could be considered as they were born with their abilities. Hal is out due to his ring. I'd put money on Barry or Ollie. Maybe Jean is wrong, and its really Snapper that's the mutant. :)

pblfsda said...

@Anonymous: Well, Snapper did turn out to have a latent meta-gene in "Invasion!" and led the Blasters in a one-shot afterwards.

Carycomic said...

I'll say it's The Atom (shrunken too small to see with the naked eye).

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