Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Thing and The Outsiders

Well, it looks like Ben settled into his new role! As I wrote yesterday, I am glad to see the the full team is finally back in action in the current Outsiders title. This is especially true for Halo and Katana. There are still far too few women heroes that aren't simply female versions of pre-existing male characters. It was a shame that Gabrielle and Tatsu were neglected for so many years. I hope their stock continues to rise. It was very fun to see the Outsiders team in action on a recent episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Toobad it was just for the opening pre-credits segment, it really made me want more!


The Bouv said...

Batman: B&B did an entire Outsiders episode in season one: What a fun show that is. I can't believe how deep in the DC well they go for guest characters!

Cathy and Dave said...

The Thing and The Outsiders... that is too cool!

Bummer that the new Brave and the Bold cartoon is ending! The Outsiders looked cool on that show...except they were teens - ???

I just picked up "The All New" Batman: The Brave and the Bold book. The first issue - "The World's Finest"...

I can't wait for The Thing and The Creeper!

Ross said...

Yes, I saw that season one episode, but it wasn't until this newer episode that they were all in the correct costumes and Geo-Force and Halo appeared. They looked great all on screen together!

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