Friday, November 5, 2010

Batman and Wonder Man

I have always had a soft spot for Simon Williams. I liked that he was an aspiring actor, as I was at one point. For Simon, the superhero thing has often been a secondary focus and he can be a somewhat reluctant hero at times - but he always steps up when he is needed. I especially enjoy his adventures when he is paired with The Beast - those two were like the Booster Gold and Blue Beetle of the Marvel Universe (indeed, well before Blue&Gold were matched up!) I'd love to see Marvel do more with them. Simon's short lived self titled series was pretty fun as well.


When I return on Monday, this blog is undergoing a transformation of sorts. What exactly that will be, I cannot say for now, but my post on November 8 should make everything clear. I will try to have it up by 5PM EST... See you then!


Anonymous said...

Ross, did you happen to pick up Superboy # 1 this week? It's written by Jeff Lemire of sweettooth fame and was a pretty fun read. More importantly the last page was a "coming soon" page with teasers for upcoming issues, one of which featured someone in an earth-2 robin costume(only the R is changed to a B)! It was pretty cool to see.

Ross said...

That sounds cool, I'll have to check it out!

Cabin Campbell said...

I really like how nicely combined this image is. Yes, Wonder Man is under used and under appreciated. This version of Wonder Man is my favorite as he could walk in the real world with this safari jacket and not stand out too badly. I often wonder why more heroes don't wear uniforms that could sort of blend in with normally clothed people.

Good luck on the new direction.

Tony Isabella said...

You should have put something like "Batman's Last Stand" or "Is This the End of Batman?" on the cover. I always used to chuckle when I saw publishers do that for the last issue of a title.

Ross said...

Heh! I probably would have done something like that but I didn't realize that it would be the last B&B cover posted when I made it! And of course it isn't really the last one, there will be more to come after we have a healthy dose of MTIO!

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