Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Thing and Adam Strange

Now that DC seems to really be pushing their characters for TV and film, I think it is time for Adam Strange to get his shot at the big screen. It really is such a great set-up: Earth man discovers a beam that temporarily transports him across space to an alien world where he finds love and becomes a hero, only to have the beam wear off at the worst possible moments forcing him to try and locate another and return in time to save the day. I think it has all the elements so make a big time blockbuster or even a series.

Adam Strange was out of the spotlight for a bit but in the past few years he has returned in a number mini-series, specials and team books. I even like his current look, just the right amount of updating on the classic costume. I am glad that he and a few of their other space-themed properties have been dusted off to appear in new adventures.


Cathy and Dave said...

Awww, yeah! Great cover!

"Wotta r'voltin' development this is!"

If it hadn't been for books like Justice League of America, DC Comics Presents, Brave and the Bold, and a few of his more recent animated appearances, I probably wouldn't know who Adam Strange is! The Bronze Age has been kinda lean for the hero of Rann.

Maybe there'll be an Adam Strange animated film one day...

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

This one's a wonderful jolt - no Batman. I hope you'll continue to pair up completely random characters. Indiana Jones and Martian Manhunter? Deadman and the Ghostbusters? Scarecrow and Mrs. King vs. Scarecrow and Clock King?

Anonymous said...

If I were DC/Warner's, I'd fast-track an Adam Strange movie so that it could ride on the coattails of that John Carter movie that is supposed to come out in 2012.

Mikeyboy said...

yes...that would make a good story for film or tv...much like quantum leap but with less dramedy and more action.

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