Friday, November 12, 2010

The Thing and Aquaman

Aquaman seems to finally be coming out from under the "lame" status that has been unfairly cast upon him since he appearances in Super Friends. After years of writers trying to make him cooler with dramatic alterations (hook hand, teenage version, mystical version), DC has finally gotten him back to his classic look and attitude. I have been enjoying his appearances in Brightest Day quite a bit. Also, with popular appearances on Smallville and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the character is staying in the public eye. He looks to be making appearances in the upcoming Young Justice cartoon as well.

I was always drawn to Aquaman for the art most of all. Nick Cardy, Ramona Fradon and Jim Aparo all really shone on his adventures. I loved their depictions of Atlantis and the whole undersea world, just beautiful stuff.


Cathy and Dave said...

I'm a huge Jim Aparo fan. I liked Cardy's Titans.

I really enjoyed the brief "Sub-Diego" storyline not too long ago.

Aquaman is one of many, many underestimated heroes. He and J'onn J'onzz were the key to beating the Crime Syndicate. And yet, when DC recently published paperback novels featuring the League, somehow he wasn't spotlighted...

I'm sure if it came to it, a slugfest between Arthur and Ben would be interesting to see.

Clobberin' Time indeed.

Mikeyboy said...

I never though of Aquaman as lame but rather the lame way in which he was presented to us. The comic books never let me down and I really enjoyed the 60's cartoon series. But the Super friends was just lame in general and he was part of the team so....there you go... :)

Caffeinated Joe said...

Great cover!

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