Monday, November 22, 2010

The Thing and Back to the Future

The caption I used on the Batman Beyond cover got me thinking of whether I could make a cover utilizing BTTF and this is what I came up with. I loved the film when it was first released, I still remember my brother driving me and my friends to go see it. I am even a fan of the sequels (although they missed reaching the heights of the first installment by not including Crispin Glover's character). I'm thinking Ben could introduce Doc Brown to Reed Richards and by combining Doom's time platform with the DeLorean, epic adventures would ensue!


Cathy and Dave said...

Awww, yeah! This is genius! Brilliant! excellent coveer.

I guess legend has it that Crispin Glover screwed himself out of the sequels asking for more money...either that or those darn "creative differences". Considering his later film choices were horror films - he scares me anymore...

I loved the BTTF animated series. Hopefully one day those will be available on DVD as well.

The Thing, to Reed and Doc Brown: You combined the time platform...w-with a (pause) DeLorean?"

"Wotta revoltin' development dis is!"

Mikeyboy said...

I love should ( if you don't mind the suggestion ) set Ben up in Team up's with all the NOW comics and Comico and Aircel and so on Characters.
The Thing and Slimer?
Married with Children?
Green Hornet? you have tons of stuff to choose from.
Just saying. lol.

Ross said...

I never read any Comico or Aricel, so I don'y know very much about their properties... although I can say that one character on your list will be making an appearance on an upcoming cover...

LEEE777 said...

Haha awesome! ; D

Ross @ Comico = Elementals an amazing comic book series, Grendel too ;)

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