Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Batman and War Machine

I always liked the character of Jim Rhodes, especially the time he spent in the Iron Man armor, substituting for Tony Stark. When Stark returned to the role, it was good to see Rhodey continue on as War Machine. I wasn't that crazy about the armor, though - I felt it looked too bulky and that he was always in danger of tipping over from the weight of the shoulder cannon. Well, I have to rethink that initial opinion because I thought the War Machine armor looked very cool in Iron Man 2. That movie was not as good as the first and had a few plot holes, but Don Cheadle really sold the Jim Rhodes character. I hope to see more of him in the third installment.


Cathy and Dave said...

Awww, yeah - War Machine! That cover rocks! I think the last time I read Iron Man was sometime after Demon In A Bottle.

I liked IM2!

I think Favreau and Nolan have figured out how to well populate the super-hero genre film.

I would seriously like to see a mini-series crossover between Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Hal Jordan and Matt Murdock. With Lex Luther and/or The Scarecrow as the villain. I know Luthor is over exposed, but he would fit the whole weapons/military theme...Or make Fear the theme and go with The Scarecrow...

jensaltmann said...

Rumor is that War Machine will get his own movie after Avengers.

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