Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Thing and Batman and The Outsiders

I remember being very disappointed when I first found out that The Brave and the Bold was being cancelled with issue #200 and creators Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo would be moving on to a new team series. B&B was my favorite series ever and it should be clear by now that it was quite missed once it was gone. I still loved Aparo though and would follow him anywhere, so after reading the preview story from the final issue of B&B, I gladly began to follow the new series. I loved it, first of all, it included Metamorpho and Black Lightning, two of my favorite DC characters that I felt had been woefully under-used up to that point. I also liked all three new characters, Geo-Force, Katana and especially Halo. Barr infused them all with interesting personalities that bounced off of Batman in different ways.

The Outsiders I don't think ever really fully rebounded since Batman first left the team. There have been a few re-imaginings, but I am glad that the most recent version is very close to the original team. I quite like the addition of The Creeper, I think he fits right in. Hopefully, now that Batman is back and more opening to work with partners, he will fight alongside his former allies once again.

By the way, this story is continued... Part Two is coming tomorrow!


Cathy and Dave said...

I gotta be honest, when Batman bailed to go back to the JLA, so did I.

It was BATMAN and The Outsiders.

I wonder what could have been if Barr and Aparo were not able to create Halo, Geo-Force, Katanna and Looker - but instead had to use characters like Black Lightning and Metamorpho. Would The Creeper have been included? Would Ralph & Sue and Ollie & Dinah have gone with him? Ollie quit the League somewhere around '79 - '80, over the same kind of reasons...

notintheface said...

Can't wait to see Benjy with the Birds of Prey!

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