Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Batman and Werewolf By Night

OK, I almost didn't post this one due to the low quality. It is another very early one and even though I found some poses that went together well, I couldn't find a big enough version of the Batman image I wanted to use. I blew up a smaller version and this was the result. Oh well, live and learn. I never made that mistake again and I feel like in the interest of honesty and completion, I should even post my dud covers. I will promise that this is the last of the early examples, so going forward the technique should be a lot better.

Of all the classic monster movies, the werewolf ones were always my favorite, so I was glad to see Marvel try out their own spin on the concept. Even better was the fact that they were not shy about teaming him up with their superhero characters, I always got a kick out of the blending of the two genres.


Cathy and Dave said...

Great cover!

Werewolves are cool! Didn't Werewolf by Night turn out to be John Jameson or was he a whole 'nother wolf?...

Ross said...

Close - that was Man-Wolf!

diana green said...

Hm, got me wondering if Ploog ever drew Batman.
All I can find is a record of him working on the animated series.
Anyone know if he did any stories?
Fun cover, BTW!

Mikeyboy said...

This is my new temporary desktop

Inkstained Wetch said...

Don't see why you need to apologize for this one. It looks fine to me.

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