Monday, March 4, 2024

Lex Luthor Vs. Ultron


Lex Luthor has had enough experience with Brainiac that he might just have some contingency plans to deal with the robotic likes of Ultron.  At least he has a big enough ego to try... too bad for him that Ultron can match him in the ego department!


Detective Tobor said...

That is a YOUNG Lex being expertly engaged against a jr Brainiac. Ultron has one major has been earth bound vs Lex, Brainiac, and Dr Doom having gone thru the universe to enhance their knowledge.
Curt's art is still so appreciated, especially when you realize that it helped focus for Superman's look for the first movie.
Extra cookie, Ross! Make it a Ginger cookie!

Carycomic said...

I'm not a robot. I'm a Life Model Decoy.


Carycomic said...

Seriously, though; how's he going to control anything with just a Razer toy ray gun from the early 1960's?

Davejonz said...

I've got an especial kick out of the last 4 (and counting covers) - all ones where the DC elements come from Silver Age covers I can just about remember. Great stuff too - from greats like Swan and Kubert.

Keep it up Ross. It's all greatly appreciated.

Jared Mello said...

If there's one thing Lex knows, it's advanced technology. I honestly think that he'd have no trouble taking down (and taking over) Ultron. Nice work on this one, Ross.

Marc H said...

The trouble with taking down Ultron is he never STAYS down. At some point he WILL turn the tables on a surprised Lex, crushing pressure on his wrist to make him drop the ray gun. "You see Lex... You're merely an ORGANIC creation. And anything that's ever been BORN can be controlled... By me."

"You can't control ME Ultron! I've fortified my mind to be IMPREGNIBLE!"

"Yes... Still... DEATH is a form of control for your kind."

Anonymous said...

to which Luthor would doubtless quip: "So is deactivation of YOURS!"

Carycomic said...

@Marc H & Anon1203: That's probably when Luthor would break out his version of Dr. Quest's "para-power gun" (mildly weaponized EMP generator).

simon said...

such Fun !
Ultron is probably going to be down graded with clockwork parts,
that version of Lex has Great Ideas but always seems to miss the final key point.

simreeve said...

The quickest take-down of Ultron that I can remember was in the first 'Secret Wars' series, by the Molecule Man whose power over molecules proved easily capable of re-shaping Adamantium.
In an Avengers issue from the same general period, MM instantaneously disintegrated not only Iron Man's armour but also both Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer[!] ... all of which he subsequently re-created when Tigra fortunately managed to persuade him that what he really needed wasn't power over others, it was therapy. I suspect that if MM ever encounters Kryptonite he would be capable of duplicating it, which would make him potentially a rather useful "ally" (i.e. dupe) for Luthor.

Anonymous said...

"Dupe, dupe, dupe!
Dupe of Lex Luthor!
Dupe of Lex Luthor!
Dupe of Lex Luthor!"

With apologies to Gene "The Duke" Chandler. :-)

JBChrome said...

I always did like Lex in his prison uniform grays.

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