Friday, April 23, 2021

Spider-Woman and Robin


Now that the Disney+ Secret Invasion series is picking up steam with the recent castings of Emilia Clarke and Olivia Coleman, there has been speculation as to whether Spider-Woman will be joining the MCU.  A big reveal in the comics series was when Jessica Drew was revealed to be a Skrull in disguise.  I'm betting that Kevin Feige will not want to use the same hero as the comics did for that moment though.  Also, I'm not sure if Spider-Woman is considered a Sony character that would have to be shared with Disney the way Spider-Man is.

Always happy to feature the amazing art of JL Garcia Lopez on this blog.  This Robin is from JLGL's DC Comics Presents run.  I was very lucky to get a page from the issue of that series he did featuring Deadman, it's a favorite of mine:


Carycomic said...

"...gamma-infused Venom?" Sounds like Bane has teamed up with Mandrill to make She-Hulk their own personal mind-controlled DNA donor. Wouldn't it be nice if the cover of STF #3298 confirmed that fact? ;-)

Bob Greenwade said...

It just hit me that #3300 is right around the corner, for Monday. I expect it'll be legendary!

And hopefully there'll be something fun in #3333 as well!

det_Tobor said...

interesting choice. Spider-Woman and Robin rather than Nightwing. How did you pick?

If the Skrulls were the good guys in the Marvel movie, will it be a rogue group for the invasion? Where will Fury be?

Great Superman page.

Ross said...

I picked because the images worked well together due to similar foes and costume color scheme, and the fact that these two haven't appeared with each other yet.

Anonymous said...

@Det. Tobor: why not? Weren't Thanos and Loki's mercenaries, in the first Avengers movie, supposed to be a faction of Skrulls from the Chi Tauri star system?

Christopher Daley said...

Great cover, Ross.

Love that you're also sharing images from your art collection with us as well. This page is a great one.

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