Saturday, April 17, 2021

Daredevil and The Huntress


I imagine these two working well together.  They are two no-nonsense heroes that have been personally wronged by organized crime.  I can see them joining forces to try and take down Black Mask or The Kingpin's operations once and for all.  It would be cool to see them in action side by side. 


det_Tobor said...

Would Huntress remind Matt too much of Black Widow?
Would it make a difference on which Huntress you're using?
Your cover hit the bullseye.

Carycomic said...

So, here endeth the trilogy begun in STF #3286.

Here beginneth my speculation: in the aforementioned "issue," two trigger-happy leadfeet are trying to kill the Black Widow. With Ted "Wildcat" Grant trying his best to help prevent that. Why such an unlikely pairing? Because he heard she was looking for...The Huntress! And, naturally, he thought it must be the crossbow-toting daughter of his Golden Age arch-enemy (by her male accomplice/paramour The Sportsmaster).

But, she set him straight. She was actually searching for the abducted sister of her ex-boyfriend, Hawkeye. With the abductor being none other than Kraven the Hunter! This long-time Spidey foe normally works solo. But, once in a while, he has proven willing to use hired henchmen to lure street-level superheroes into a trap (as the erstwhile Avenger Tigra can personally attest). So, he hired these silver-masked idiots with the sports cars!

As to his motive for abducting Helena Bertinelli? To lure Black Canary into a trap. Because someone is out to get Green Arrow and needs the perfect bait to entrap _him_! Hence, the fisticuffs on the "cover" of STF #3289. Hawkeye's first resort (recruiting BW to get the Huntress back) didn't work. So, he reluctantly had to knuckle under...and Ollie Queen found out.

After blowing off their mutual steam, however, the Bow Brummels teamed up and rescued the two ladies (who, in all fairness, don't usually require male rescuers). Black Canary might've needed some minor hospitalization. Hence, GA's absence at the finish. But, the Huntress is not only unhurt. She's angry! So, she teams up with BW's other ex-boyfriend Daredevil to take down Kraven the Hunter and the one who hired him.

Tobias Whale!

Bob Greenwade said...

This is an excellent cover-sim, Ross. Great choice of images, to match art styles almost precisely. Even the lighting looks like it almost matches up!

For some reason, my eye can't decide whether Helena's closer or further away than Matt -- their feet say she's further, but for some reason from the hips up she looks closer. It's probably just a weirdness of my own brain, though it may also be a clue about what's actually happening in this moment: these are actually cardboard cutouts, which the crooks figure out only a single panel before the heroes attack them from behind!

Cary's story pitch (which is very nicely thought-out, I should say) makes me think that a "Crime Council" could step forward, with figures like Kingpin, Black Mask, Tobias Whale, Silvermane, Pruneface, Chairface Chippendale, et al -- all brought together by none other than Mr. Big (Zootopia)!

Wolfhammer said...

What a cover! Damn near perfect looking and a great team-up idea as well. Good job Ross!

The Man in Black said...

The big problem is the Huntress is a killer.

Frank said...

Great cover. Perhaps you could pull off a Nightwing/Black Widow matchup.

Killer Frost Giants said...

How about Daredevil with Firestorm? Not the usual challenge.

Carycomic said...
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Carycomic said...

Obviously, the KFG got half their wish. So, I hope they're semi-happy.


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